Bon Voyage from Jet Team!!

Jet Team provides various tailored services on a global basis such as vehicle arrangements, hotel reservations, and any other services that are associated with travels according to your needs.

Private Vehicle Service

Private vehicle service can be arranged around the world for any purposes including airport transfer, business, sightseeing etc..
Vehicle models and number of vehicles differ among cities so please feel free to contact us for more details.
Also, we are able to adjust to your last minute schedule change. You can keep the vehicle for up to 24 hours for any purpose.

Hotel Reservations

Our Travel Specialist will offer a perfect accommodation according to your personal taste and schedule.
We will propose various hotels from modern to classical that offer the world’s finest services.

Travel Services

When you want to relax and enjoy your day cruising by the beautiful sunset, or when you want to surprise your guest with a birthday party in the aircraft on the way to a secret destination, we would be happy to assist you with any kind of personal or business events. Please feel free to consult us about any requests such as hiring body guards.