International Business Jet

International Business Jet

Our business jet service ensures to provide you with the best service, the upmost safety with the most advanced aircraft.

Paying the closest attention to our customers’ privacy, we, Jet Team offers our best service in compliance with customers’ demands.

Exective Service – best in-flight service

With special knowledge and expertise build up upon having provided our services to VIP customers, we always offer our service as usual. We provide in-flight service including tailored meals, in-flight movies, and more versatile & tailored services in accordance with customers’ schedule and needs.

Safe Management – the highest safety

Our well experienced staffs provide services with the highest standards. Pilots and flight attendants always concentrate in guests’ safety as a first priority as well as the best services.

Fleet – the most advanced aircraft

Gulfstream G650

This most advanced aircraft is capable of flying long distances, for example, from Japan to a majority of destinations in Europe and the United States.

Inside the aircraft, it has the most spacious and elegant cabin among business jets. It offers the best comfortable space and a pleasant flight for top executives. A large galley, monitors, advanced telecommunication equipment (Wi-Fi and Satellite telephone), entertainment equipment and jet beds are available on board.

Maximum Passenger: 13
Maximum Range: 7,000 nm / 12,964 km
Maximum Speed: M0.925 / 1,133kmh

Bombardier Global 6000

The Global 6000 has a very spacious cabin among long-haul aircraft and is equipped with advanced Vision cockpit and avionics. The cabin is unified by sophisticated interior design with beige color and it provides ultimate comfortability and convenience. Inside the aircraft, it holds a large galley which can prepare a full course meal, large monitors, telecommunication equipment such as Wi-Fi and Satellite telephone, entertainment equipment, jet bed etc.


Maximum Passenger: 15
Maximum Range: 6,000 nm / 11,112 km
Maximum Speed: M0.89 / 950kmh