Helicopter Charter service

Helicopter Charter service

Passenger transportation

Our helicopter charter service can allow you much quicker and convenient departure and arrival from/to your destination. No other transportation is quicker and better than helicopter chartering.


(From Tokyo Heliport)

※Our Special coordinator will need to check & submit a request permission to the nearest heliport from the destination, so please let us know your plan ahead of time.


From Tokyo to Fuji Hakone

By Private vehicle & train:
Approx. 2hr 30mins
By Helicopter: 30mins


Private vehicle

Tokyo Heliport

…Boarding after security check

Fuji Hakone

From Tokyo to Matsumoto

By Private vehicle & train:
Approx. 3hrs
By helicopter: 1hr
To go sightseeing areas such as Shin-Kochi or Shin-shu.


Private vehicle

Tokyo Heliport

…Boarding after security check

Matsumoto Airport

Private vehicle


※There are volume and weight restrictions so please consult with our staff regarding baggage in advance.

Main Helicopters

Eurocopter AS355 Écureuil

・Max Capacity: 5
・Length: 12.94m (42.45ft)
・Height: 3.24m (10.63ft)
・Cruising Speed: 170~210km/h
・Duration of flight: 2.5~3.0 hours
・Engine: Twin-engine

Kawasaki / Eurocopter BK117

・Max Capacity: 8
・Length: 9.91m (35.06ft)
・Height: 3.38m (12.07ft)
・Cruising Speed: 220~250km/h
・Duration of flight: 3.0 hours
・Engine: Twin-engine

Sikorsky S76

・Max Capacity: 8 ~ 12
・Length: 16.00m (52.06ft)
・Height: 4.41m (14.05ft)
・Cruising Speed: 190 ~ 240km/h
・Duration of flight: 3.0 hours
・Engine: Twin-engine

Aerial Photography & movie

Aerial photography or movie arrangement also can be provided by our professional staffs.


High Performance Anti-Vibration Camera System that enables 4K Aerial photography and movie.

♦You can bring your own camera.
・Canon C500 / Sony F55 / F55RAWR / RED EPIC etc.
♦Choose your desired Mount position.
Camera can be mounted on Nose, Left and Right side.


Cineflex HD Anti-Vibration System (5-axis control) drastically improved the anti-vibration performance as well as resolution of the photography/movie.
By adopting high performance cameras and lenses, they made it possible to zoom (84x) and shoot wide-angle with high-resolution.
Any scenes can be captured with freely movable cameras with high magnification and clear images.

♦Mounted Camera/Lense
・Camera: SONY HDC-1600R
・Lens: 42 x 9.7
・Focal Distance: 9.7~815mm
・Magnification: Optical 84x zoom