About Charter


Our charter service is highly versatile & means of travel for both corporate & leisure, allowing you to save your time & to meet your convenient schedule. We will provide our “tailored” service to you.
Only by telephoning us, we will immediately arrange chartering helicopters or business jets to meet your requirements. We will provide you with the total support, arranging all the documents for you, if any, and will prepare meals, if required, and more.
For your domestic & international travel on business or for leisure, we have highly experienced staffs waiting for you with VIP services. Please enjoy our charter flight services.

Business Jet

charter service Not only domestic flight but moreover international flight allowing you for your flexible trip, we can provide you with our business jet charter service. You can travel any place through its nearest airport where major airliners do not have direct service route.

We can arrange flight schedule along with any itinerary changes of yours. Also, you feel secured free from hijacking and you can enjoy having more free time in your activity.